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About us

Green Front is a social movement that sprang up spontaneously in Kharkiv on May 20th 2010, when the unlawful felling of the trees commenced in the Gorky Park. At first there were only two people who protested, then seven, later they became twenty. By the time of the butchery in the park on the early morning of June 2th 2010, when the encampment of proesters was demolished and when trees were sawn down right along with the activists on their top, about 200 tree defenders were present in the encampment simultaneously.

Now the Green Front proceeds with the fight against illegal felling in the urban bounds: judically, through numerous pickets and other activities, initialization of public hearings and referendums concerning the green lungs of our city.

The members of Green Front are common citizens of Kharkiv, of widely diverse political views, united by determination to protect the trees and greens of the native city from the abuse of authorities of any color. It is supported by civil organizations, mainly of human rights and environmental orientation, including

    The demands of the Green Front are simple and are reduced to the following four articles, set forth in the Memorandum of May 22nd:

    1. Revoke the disgraceful decisions on the destruction of parts of urban green spaces – the Gorky Central Park and the City Shevchenko Garden

    2. Define unambiguously the borders of all green spaces of Kharkiv

    3. Declare complete and permanent moratorium on the transfer of Kharkiv green spaces of any kind as well as their destruction under whatever pretext

    4. Punish the guilty in the outrageous acts of violence against the park defenders.

Green Front Press-releases

Human Rights Organizations Press-releases

  • May 28th 2010, Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union: UHHRU expresses concern over events in Kharkiv and treatment of protesters
  • The UHHRU has addressed an open appeal to the Prosecutor General, O. Medvedko, the Minister for the Environment, V. Boiko and the Minister for Regional Policy and Construction V. Yatsubi. It expresses concern over the practice of the bodies of local self-government in Kharkiv with regard to planning and building on city territory, this involving the destruction of green public areas and disregard for the public interest with regard to this area and human rights (Read more…)

    Mirror, docs

  • June 05th 2010, Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union: The police are carrying out unlawful instructions
  • Recent events with the crushing of civic protest in Kharkiv demonstrate a serious worsening in the country’s human rights situation. They arouse great concern due to the wide-scale nature of unlawful actions by the local authorities and police which risk going unpunished (Read more…)


  • June 18th 2010, Amnesty International Public Statement: Ukraine: Activists sentenced for a peaceful environmental protest
  • The organization considers that two activists, Andrei Yevarnitsky and Denis Chernega, are prisoners of conscience, who have been sentenced for exercising their rights to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly and has called for their immediate and unconditional release. Although their sentences were subsequently decreased, the organization still calls for the legality of the charges to be investigated and for them to be compensated for their ordeal. (Read more…)

    Available also in other languages

Environmental Organizations Press-releases

Letters and Appeals to International Community

  • The first letter to Mr. Platini, President of the UEFA, sent by individuals in the middle of May 2010, concerning the beginning of deforestation of Kharkov Gorky park under the pretext of preparations for Euro 2012: English, Russian, source.
  • The second letter to Mr. Platini from Ihor Rassokha, dated June 30th 2010, on the continuing illegal felling in Gorky park in spite of the public protests and repeated brutal violations of human rights by the authorities: English, Russian, docs
  • Appeal to Greenpeace, WWF, UNEP, SEU, Greencross Int, Greenwaves, REC and Greenhorizon, on the illegal tree-cutting and brutal attacks on the defenders of the park

  • Letter to the citizens and authorities of Kharkov’s twin-town Nuremberg (Nurnberg), Germany, from Daryna Ariamnova, (in German): doc
  • Letter to Mr. Mevlut CAVUSOGLU, president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe,from Kharkiv citizens, with regard to the Europe prize awarded to Kharkiv by the PACE Committee on the Environment,Agriculture and Local and Regional Affairs in April 2010, dated July 2010.docs
  • Open Letter to Mr. Hans-Ulrich Shrader, director of the Ukraine’s Mission of the German National Union for the Care after the Military Burial Places, on the lasting violation of graves in the course of the road construction, July 28, 2010: German, Russian
    (see also the Green Front press-release «The Road of Death» of July 4th).



Victoriya Kravchenko, Chairman of the Coordinating Council of «Green Front»,
+38 063 863 07 36, v_kravchenko71-71@ukr.net

Oleg Peregon, vice Chairman of the Coordinating Council of «Green front»,
+38 050-22-88-236

Andrey Tsukanov, activist of «Green Front»,
+38 063 044-29-45